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A trip to Lord Howe Island

One of my all time favourite memories from my time as an au pair is when I went to Lord Howe Island with my host family. Lord Howe Island is a gorgeous island off the east coast of Australia. It is about a 2 hour flight and the plane that you fly in is so tiny that each passenger has to be weighed individually before you get on the plane so that the plane doesn’t exceed its weight limit. What an adventure!

I was so excited to go to Lord Howe Island. I knew a little bit about it before the trip - I knew that there were no cars allowed on the island - only businesses we allowed to use vehicles to shuttle people back and forth to the airport. Because of this we rode bikes everywhere. It was so fun! I had a tandem bike with one of the children - we went everywhere together. It is impossible to purchase a property on Lord Howe Island. The only way to obtain a property there is through inheritance. Talk about exclusive!

There were so many fun things to do on the island - we went on so many gorgeous hikes, surfed, swam in the lagoon, rented paddle boards and there were picnic spots all over the island. Every day we would explore somewhere new. One day we went on a catamaran tour and got to swim with the friendly sea turtles that roamed the lagoon. The coral reef was so beautiful and the turquoise water was so clear. The beaches were amazing and we went swimming every day. One day I swam out with the children to a raft off the coast and we spent the afternoon jumping off the dock and sunbathing until the sun went down.

There were lots of beautiful resorts on the island but of course the one we stayed in was the best! The bungalows we stayed in were so beautiful. They were nestled back in the rainforest and every day we walked on little wooden pathways that led the way from our cabins to the beach. We gathered for dinner each night and ate by candlelight in the jungle.

My memories from my time as an au pair are so precious to me. I will always remember my trip to Lord Howe Island as such a happy time in my life. Roaming the island with the children was such an adventure - every day there was something new to explore. I have always fancied myself as a bit of an explorer and Lord Howe Island has been one of my greatest adventures. It was like an island out of a fairytale - magical and impossible to capture in your imagination until you see it for yourself.

I hope to go back to Lord Howe Island someday and roam the island like I did once before. I’ll bask in the sun and stroll along the beach until the sun sets on another beautiful day.

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